West Texas Roughneck T-Shirt

West Texas Roughneck T-Shirt

Drillers Club

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West Texas Roughneck Tri-blend T-Shirt. Wear this with pride as 99% of people wish they could live up to the Legend Of A West Texas Roughneck. Get yourself one today!

Before you look at price & think its way too high let us explain. I do not know how many shirts I had that felt like cardboard or felt good until you washed it. These shirts here are the best of the best. Wear em, wash them & they still as comfortable as heck. Back to price, this is all in. No shipping what you see is what you pay. Tracking included on these bad boys. Now ask yourself if you want a shirt that lasts & is comfortable? Then make your decision based off that.

Extreme durability makes this t-shirt withstand repeated washings and still remain super comfortable. While a regular t-shirt is 100% cotton, tri-blend tees are 50% polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% Rayon which makes them softer.

  • Free Shipping On This Tee Shirt
  • 2.00 From This Hoodie Goes To Help Hands In Need Campaign
  • Front print with a solid design
  • Tri-blend construction (50% polyester/25% combed ring-spun cotton/25% rayon) 
  • Probably one of the most comfortable and durable tees around
  • Lightweight. not super bulky with that cardboard feel. Hate that.

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